I am Cathie Boruch. I was born and raised in New Jersey, a bike ride away from a drive-in movie theater.  As a result of this, I associate movies with freedom and adventure and possibility and adore the outdoors as well as the city. I love fashion and art but particularly fashion as art! I am a dancer so I like to watch fashion shows and how models move in these great designs. I also am a photographer and have had several photo shows with much success and plan to develop more.


I enjoy children, snowstorms, cookies and trees.


Why am I an actor? Well I always have been doing plays or some sort of entertaining for people for as long as I can remember. It relaxes me to hold attention and convey a message or an understanding and a feeling. Whether it be by simply using the body in dance or the eyes in photography or film or both on stage or TV. I like changing peoples moods to be delighted and enchanted. I like to believe and feel most comfortable when I think there is something magical going on and that people will be pleasantly surprised by something. I like to believe in dreams and the magic of change.